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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Popcorn?10 min read

Aug 28, 2021 4 min

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Popcorn?10 min read

Popcorn, what better snack to munch on while watching your favorite movie! Your only companion is your pet guinea pig, and it’s staring at your popcorn longingly? And you don’t know if you can feed it the popcorn? Never fear; we are here to tell you if you can provide it the popcorn or not!

The answer to your question is- No! Why? You ask. It is because guinea pigs are small herbivores that have teeth designed to eat only grass, plants, and vegetables! They cannot eat popcorn. Sorry, little fellow, you cannot touch, let alone eat the popcorn!

Yes, popcorn is made of corn kernels, but they are not for your pet guinea pig. Let us learn more about why your adorable guinea pig cannot eat popcorn.

Why can guinea pigs not have popcorn?

First off, popcorn disrupts the digestive system of the guinea pigs. Since it is cooked in oil, they are high in phosphorus and fat. So giving your pet popcorn is a terrible thing. Processed foods like popcorn are very harmful to your furry friend as they cannot digest it.

Phosphorus in popcorn will cause a deficiency in magnesium and will cause phosphate stones to form in the guinea pigs’ bladder. It is a complicated and painful process for your pet, so Do Not feed it popcorn!

Is popcorn bad for guinea pigs?

Yes! Popcorn is terrible for your pet guinea pigs. They have susceptible digestive systems and find it hard to digest processed food. So keep the popcorn away from your pet. Even plain ones are not to be given.

Even though it is terrible for your guinea pigs, they wouldn’t mind having a bite of it. So, most guinea pigs love popcorn. But just because they love it doesn’t mean we can feed it popcorn. If you love your pet too much and cannot stand their puppy eyes, you can provide it a piece or two only occasionally.

How much popcorn can you give your guinea pig?

Some guinea pig owners give popcorn as treats, so for that reason, here are some points to remember before feeding your pet with popcorn. It is not advised to provide popcorn, but if ever the need arrives, then ponder on these points-

  • Feed it only plain popcorn.
  • Please do not give them caramelized popcorn at all costs.
  • Feed it with a piece or two occasionally.
  • Observe your pets’ bowel movements after feeding them the popcorn.

If you do not keep this in mind, it will cause fatal accidents for your pet.

Here are some risk factors related to when you feed popcorn to your pet guinea pigs-

  • It can choke your pet guinea pig.
  • It gets stuck in their teeth.
  • It cannot remove the stuck pieces by itself and will need help from you.
  • It has high sugar content, and too much can kill your pet.
  • It has too much energy for the tiny stomach to handle and can cause obesity.
  • The nutritional value of popcorn can also cause diabetes.

Since guinea pigs are herbivores, they should stick to vegetables like kale, celery, hay, lettuce, and many more. Vegetables are the best foods for your guinea pigs. They provide the needed nutrition, fiber, and roughage that the guinea pigs need.

Some fruits you can give your pets are apples, peaches, kiwi, oranges, etc. All these fruits and vegetables will provide your pet with the needed minerals, proteins, and vitamins. The right thing you need to do is cut them into smaller pieces not to choke your pet.

In case you’re here because your pet guinea pig accidentally overate popcorn, observe their reactions. Are they tired, not active? Are they bloated or uncomfortable?  Take them to a vet immediately. Follow the prescriptions given by the vet and take good care of your guinea pig. It is best to have regular checkups with your vet for a healthy pet.

Popcorn is a famous food among humans and is exceptionally nutrient-rich, but it is not suitable for guinea pigs. Any processed food is harmful to your pet. They are very hard for your pets to digest and can cause constipation or diarrhea.

Guinea pigs need to have a specialized dietary plan. Everything you give your pet should provide them with some health benefits. Just calories like popcorn are not a healthy option. There are better options to share your guinea pigs than popcorn.

If given the opportunity and snack, the guinea pig will nibble on anything and everything. Even if it can harm them, they will eat anything! So, as guardians of our pets and as loving owners, we need to check what they can eat and what they can’t.

Your guinea pig needs a good amount of fresh hay not just for them to eat and nibble but also for them to make tunnels and just for sheer enjoyment. You also need to give your pet a good amount of vitamin C in its diet. Would you please give them a good supply of fresh and clean drinking water?

To ensure your pet’s health, you need to keep your pet enclosure clean and stocked with hay. You can also provide nibble toys or softwood sticks to keep their teeth at a correct link. Please give them a variety of fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy.

Therefore, is popcorn safe for guinea pigs?

No, popcorn is not safe for guinea pigs. They can even choke on them. It is better not to give them popcorn at all.

Can eating popcorn make guinea pigs sick?

Whether they choke on popcorn or not, eating it will make guinea pigs sick. The guinea pig’s digestive system is susceptible, so the popcorn can cause diarrhea and affect the bowel of your pet. The guinea pig’s digestive system is not designed to digest starchy and processed food such as popcorns. So keep your pet’s health in mind at all times before feeding it different foods.

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