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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery Or Not?

Your Guinea pig is a cute little critter.

Its little nose sniffs the air at the delicious treat you’re dangling and reaches out to take it from your fingers with its tiny paws.

Hang on, you just fed your furry little friend a piece of celery, is that even safe?

Relax, it’s perfectly fine to give your Guinea pig a stick of celery to munch on from time to time.

Sure, there are a few health concerns regarding the fibrous veggie, but celery is not toxic to your squeaky buddy.

Fresh fruits and veggies are a healthy part of your Guineas diet.

ReadCan guinea pigs eat grapes?Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery

Most vets recommend that owners feed their piggy’s a diverse diet of vegetables, fruit, hay, and pellets – with more focus on the raw foods than the pellets.

Guineas are notorious for overeating, and pellets are reasonably calorie-dense.

Overfeeding your Guinea pellets might result in excessive weight gain that shortens their life span.

Feeding them fresh veggies like celery and other leafy greens is a great way to give them a nutritious, low-calorie snack.

Is There Anything You Need to Worry About When Feeding Your Guinea Pigs Celery?

Guinea pigs love it when you feed them fresh, raw veggies.

They squeal with delight as you drop carrots, celery, lettuce, and cabbage into the cage.

However, not all vegetables are safe for your Guineas.

Some greens contain high levels of a compound known as an “Oxalate.”

These oxalates can cause blockages and issues with kidney function in rodents (and even in some humans as well!)

Most Guinea pigs won’t be overly sensitive to the presence of oxalates in the food they eat.

Still, a few might develop an adverse reaction to eating oxalates found in plant foods.

Avoid giving your piggy’s copious amounts of spinach, chard, beets, and celery.

All of these veggies are high in oxalates and might cause kidney damage and urinary problems in some guinea pigs.

That’s doesn’t mean you should stop giving them greens altogether, but everything in moderation, as they say.

Celery and Guinea PigsCan Guinea Pigs Eat Celery Or Not

We can agree that you don’t want your Guineas getting kidney stones and urinary tract infections, so keep the oxalate foods like celery to a minimum.

However, celery isn’t all bad news.

It’s high in vitamin C and fiber.

Vitamin C is a critical nutrient that helps to regulate the immune system if your Guinea pig.

Guinea pigs can’t produce Vitamin C in their bodies, and many pellet foods add it to the formulation as a supplement.

However, it’s possible to get Vitamin C from whole foods like celery as well – just don’t overdo it.

Fiber is as essential to the digestive system as Vitamin C is to your Guineas immune system.

Fiber sweeps the digestive tract clean of any undigested food particles and toxins.

Sodium, Celery, and Guinea Pigs

Sodium is a micronutrient responsible for maintaining hydration levels; it’s an essential part of any Guinea pig’s diet.

You might think sodium is bad for you, but we all need a bit of it to help us manage the mineral balance in our bodies, and it’s the same for Guinea pigs.

However, too much sodium creates an adverse health response in the body, putting you at the risk of developing a stroke or heart attack.

Guinea pigs also have this problem with sodium as well.

Unfortunately, sodium levels are relatively high in celery, and you’ll need to be careful with how much of it you add to their diet.

Is Raw Celery Suitable for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are plant-eating animals.

They feed of raw foods, not cooked meals.

Raw foods retain more nutrients than cooked foods, and your Guineas digestive system operates efficiently on a raw food diet.

Cooking your piggy their meals may result in changes to the gut biome in your piggy’s GI tract, resulting in digestive issues like diarrhea.

Guineas also require access to raw foods for their dental health.

The nibbling on raw foods like celery encourages teeth wearing.

Are Celery Leaves Suitable for Guinea Pigs?

If you read up on guinea pig nutrition, you’ll find that many people feed their Guineas leafy greens.

It’s fine to feed your pig the greens of the plant, remember not to overdo it, for the sake of their kidneys.

Are Celery Stems Suitable for Guinea Pigs?

As with the celery leaves, it’s fine to feed your Guineas celery stems as well.

The stems are juicy, and the guineas will devour them first of the greens.

Feed them potions of celery stems around an inch in length at a time.

Don’t just leave the entire stem in the cage, or they won’t finish it, and it will start to rot.

Does Celery Help to Treat Scurvy in My Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs and humans both get their Vitamin C through foods or supplementation.

When we don’t get enough Vitamin C, we develop a condition known as “scurvy.”

Scurvy is a medieval disease that rarely affects humans.

However, you’ll need to ensure your Guinea pig gets enough as well, or they could develop scurvy.

Can I feed Guinea Pig Pups Celery?

It takes a few weeks for pups to move onto a whole food diet.

Vets recommend that you stick to a pellet diet for the first few months of the Guinea pig’s life.

During this time, the pig is developing its immune and digestive systems, and an optimal diet is best for the healthy development of your piggy.

Can Guinea Pigs Safely Eat Celery – Key Takeaways

It’s fine to feed your guinea pig some celery from time to time.

However, due to the presence of oxalates, you might want to add it sparingly to their diet.

Avoid feeding your piggy celery every day, or it could develop urinary tract issues.

Celery comes packed with Vitamin C and fiber, which are two essential nutrients your Guinea pig needs to survive.

It’s a bit on the high side when it comes to sodium, but you can add it to your pet’s diet once or twice a week without any problems.

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