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The Teacup Poodle

Teacup Poodle With Toy

The Teacup Poodle: Complete Guide Teacup poodles, also known as toy poodles, are popular pets and often favored as companions for the elderly or those who prefer a pet that doesn’t take up too much space. These pint size pooches may be small, but they have prominent personalities and are known for having keen intelligence […]


The Loveable Cavapoo

The Loveable Cavapoo The Cavapoo is what is known as a “Designer Dog,” a combination of two AKC recognized breeds to create a third, non-recognized breed. In theory, the puppies resulting from a combined lineage of two purebred dogs will display the best and most sought after characteristics of each breed, and while this may […]

Blue Nose Pitbull

Blue Nose Pitbull

The Ultimate Blue Nose Pitbull Guide Thanks to unfair portrayals in media and pop-culture, Pit Bull Terriers have gotten a bad reputation. Many people mistakenly believe them to be unpredictably violent and vicious, basing their opinion on biased misrepresentations. In reality, however, the vast majority of Pit Bulls are nothing like the stereotype. The breed […]